Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shall I not desperate. No, I don't.

Finally the phone rang. It was the tax adviser and auditor. He was no more sure if I could do the job. If you're not sure, I'm not sure either I thought and said it a bit more elegantly. Perhaps we can start working together later in the middle of the year when the stress to do the annual accounts in a very short time is not there, I suggested. He liked my offer. Perhaps we was polite.
I experience it a bit embarrassing to tell everybody who think that I start working tomorrow that this again was a wrong alarm. But who cares? Bf, parents, friends, reader of my blog. Lol, the reactions will be so different like a box of Smarties. Deep in my heart I'm relieved, even though I had started already to look forward to this new job adventure. The word "adventure" is surely a word tax adviser don't like so much in combination with accounting. It's over.
I enjoyed the interview with these two smart and polite men in black suits.

I focus on my asana on the picture now (and I check my emails too often as I'm curious about the comment of E., my poor E.):
Prasarita padottanasana A:
When practicing full vinyasa, prasarita padottanasana A,B,C and D are performed separately. This makes sense for me as the distance of the feet is always a bit different.

I learn from my picture that it could be good to have the feet a bit closer together. Perhaps it's even good to have them so close that the head is 2 inches above the floor. This might allow to work more intensively on this hip opening asana. Back and neck shall be in line.
The arms are supposed to be parallel, but I think they are usually.

PS: Sigh, sigh, sigh. Hahaha......knowing is better than not knowing.


Anna said...

LUCKY ESCAPE in my view Ursula!

Ursula said...

I agree.

It shall not be. It shall not be. lol.

The source wants me to do something else.....

Debb said...

I think how lucky your E is to have more of your energies to himself and not spent on the job. There is more to life than earning money, of that I know you are certain.
Om Shanti, dear U..

Ursula said...

So true Debb,

I enjoy again my luxury life. :)

And it's true, he likes me to pamper him.