Saturday, January 07, 2012


Party time: we were invited yesterday: dinner and wine tasting. I was curious what the Frenchman would miracle on the table. It was green asparagus with a mustard dressing. The onion Quiche was made vegan (because of me). We had white bread and a lot of wines. Not so often we are up till 2am. The time was long for a lot of chatting, eating, drinking. It was a bit too much drinking and eating, I admit it. The mousse au chocolate at the end was so good. I had to eat it. We took a taxi to get home. The taxi driver had long grey hair that he had bound together. Tired I fell into the bed when we were at home.
This morning I renewed my resolutions. Less, less, less is the motto.

We both, my E and myself put off all clothes this morning and stepped on the scales. lol. Together we have 131,8 kg. lol. I'll prepare salad for us today, I told him afterwards. "This is very good," he said.
Food will always have minimum 2 aspects for me: First it nourishes me, I also like to eat. On the other hand I always see the potential of gaining weight when not eating tomatoes.

Back to my healthy routines. It's Saturday. This is my day off from yoga usually. Today I'll practice the modest sequence by Sweeney. I need it. The asanas are a good addition to the first Ashtanga sequence.

To do list of today:
- new glasses
- repeating tax stuff
- ordering business cards
It's important to limit myself. I don't want to have stress. 

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