Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prasarita padottanasana D and how to be organized

Also here, I see that it would be better to have the feet closer together. All asanas feel different as they look.

Taking pictures of myself is indeed one of my best learning tool. It's shocking sometimes. I had to get used to myself. These asanas I exercise for 8 years now every day. I know how I started 8 years ago. What can be seen IS progress. And there is no end in sight......:)

I'm happy that I've the entire day for myself. Energy is felt again. This accounting job would have distracted me again. Focus makes strong.

At the last party I started to discuss how to be organised. I told about my pomodoro, my timer and that I work 25 min and then I stop for a 5 min break, then I start again. I wanted to know how the others are organized. It amazed me that I created the impression that I don't like what I do. This was the feed-back. I couldn't find out how the others are organized.
I think we cannot not be not organised. But most people aren't organized consciously. Most people have a daily rhythm that guides them through the day but this rhythm is given from outside sources. I create my own rhythm.

How are you organized?
Is it your calender that helps you most?
Do you think your routines are fantastic?

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