Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prasarita padottanasana C and ......

It's possible to press my hands down to the floor with help. It doesn't hurt anymore. When I'm alone I've difficulties to bring them down.
I'm able to do the pose when I lie on my back. When I want to imitate this pose, I see that I've to have the feet further apart this time. The chin needs to be on the chest and the back of the head should be on the floor. Then it should be possible to take the folded hands to the floor. This I'll try the next time. As mentioned already, the distance of the feet is varying when practicing prasarita padottanasna A through D. This is why it makes sense to practice full vinyasa, starting from samasthitih and returning to this pose after each asana.

"When will you be at home?" I wrote him.
"Would you like to eat out? he answered. And I loved to eat out today.

That my job was cancelled provoced feelings that made me heavy, paralyzed. It depleted me. I think it's all perfect as it is. Nevertheless I felt so weak. I finished my practice after pincha mayurasana, a lousy practice it was. It was so bad, I could scarcely take my leg behind my head. Energy was missing. I finally ended it.  I took a bath after my lousy practice and then I dressed something beautifully. I waited for E to go out. We had Thai food, it was delicious. I enjoyed the evening. Tomorrow I go back to plan B.
I let life happen. Accepting what is, is all one can do. I'm indeed happy with what happened.


Anna said...

The job would have been awful - most likely with you being driven harder and harder under ridiculous deadlines... No need for desperation!

Ursula said...

I know, Anna. It would have been very stressy and much more than 20 hours how discussed. I was asked if I've children. They wanted me to stay longer, this is always so.

It was a rejection, I can handle this.....a hot bath can do miracles.