Monday, January 02, 2012

Pashasana and the hand position

So far I hooked the finger. The link leads to a picture from 2009. I was glad that this was possible. 
- More important than the hand position was that the knees stayed parallel. 
- It was important that the hips didn't move to the side. 

Pashasana has further challenges. The final goal is to hold the wrist of the one hand. A  first step might be to hold the fingers but with the correct position of the hands. I tried this. It's not that easy. But this is what I'm trying from now on. This is the next tiny step. At home I repeat this pose. 
The twist intensifies when  the hand can hold the wrist. 

It remains to take the heels down to the floor without the support of my blanket. Hahahaha......
Also this is improving. 

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