Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paschimottanasana, and a strong but rather unknown muscle

There is a rather unknown muscle, but it exist. It is between upper body and legs, it's on the hips. I cannot explain it better and this muscle can help to improve paschimottanasana like all the forward bending asanas. Simple try to engage it to make the distance between legs and body smaller. That's it.

What comes after the standing sequnce in the primary Ashtanga series is forward bending, forward bending, forward bending. What shall I say: strong legs help to avoid injuries. Patience is more important than the greedy wish to want it NOW. Few asanas thighten the body. Paschimottanasana is stretching forward.

Engaging the bandhas help to go deeper. The mind can support the pose: "forward" might be a thought. With each inhaling I stretch, with each exhaling I lower the bodies from the hips. It's all about the hips. Too round backs are not so nice.

Ganesh sits on my back and adjusts me. lol. Shall he remove obstacle in business. This is his responsibility I've  learned.

It was a relaxed day here. I cooked dinner: mushrooms in white wine sauce with parsley. When I asked my bf if he liked it he said: it was not enough. Hahahaha, he liked it.
Iwrote the list of the ingredients in my calender. On the backside of the page I wrote how I prepared this simple but astute dinner. This helps me to save time. On my way home I can stop at a vegetable dealer. I don't have to go out a second time for ingredients to prepare a meal. My yoga is time consuming. I always try to make life simpler.

Today I practiced the soft chandra krama sequence from the book by Sweeney. I enjoyed it.
It needs concentration to start with the left side always as I start with the right side always in Ashtanga yoga. This helps to wake up, to practice more consciously.

Tomorrow the second series is on the schedule!!!! My yoga week starts on Sundays. 


deborahsyogablog said...

Good morning Ursula! May your practice be light and free. May your head hands glide effortlessly to your heels in kapotasana, and may your leg move with ease behind your head.
Would you mind posting the mushroom recipe? It sounds lovely.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the wishes. It will still take some time till this is all light and free.....:)

The recipe is coming soon....

deborahsyogablog said...

Hi Ursula, you probably saw this already, the Daily Bandha post on engaging the quadriceps in forward bends. I'm wondering if the head of the rectus femoris could be your unknown muscle here.
Just in case:
Also, I will make that mushroom recipe soon- but I'm not having any alcohol these days (for 108 days, ha ha) so I'm wondering if I can substitute broth..... hmmm...

Ursula said...

Yes yes, this is very true Deborah, these muscles need to be engaged. :) It's very important.

Ursula said...

....of course, the recipe is good with water also. There are enough ingredients in it that make it tasty also without wine.