Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Parivrtta parsva konasana

It's a nice twist. Going deep prepares all the twists that come in primary and second series.
I think I could still go a bit deeper.
Challenge is also the vinyasa. In the beginning it's easy to twist when the knee of the stretched leg is on the floor. But we want to deepen the asanas. Nowadays the front foot is on the floor, not the knee before I twist. The very last movement is to put down the foot in the position that can be seen on the picture. The outer rim shall be on the floor, too.

I could take my elbow a bit further the left. This is doable.

Currently I work on entering this pose with one breath without changing the breath without prolonging it or holding it. The CD by Sharath gives me the correct rhythm.

And of course the hips shall stay parallel. Going out of the pose is the next thing. It's also via virabadhrasana. The leg remains bended. This is strength building. Nothing is sloppy done, if one wants to work correctly. Relaxation comes at the end, hahahaha.

It's indeed a good idea to observe how one enters an asana and how one leaves an asana:
1. Yesterday I chatted with a yogi and he told me he looks at the ceiling before urdhva dhanurasana. He's not the only one. Often breaks happen before an asana. When a break happens also thinking happens. It can be a goal to avoid these breaks before an asana.
2. After having done an asana it's not hurrying to the next one. A deep and even breath guides to the next asana. No hurrying here.

It was nonsense to go downtown this morning. I console myself: At least my shopping is done. I had a second breakfast at the Anna hotel, I read my daily there and enjoyed it. Too much time is lost.
I'm waiting for the phone call to  learn when I shall start working: tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I wish I knew it. Perhaps they have forgotten me???? Is this my wish? lol. Perhaps unconsciously I wanted to be out of the house this morning to miss it. Can be.
Life style: There are people who hang on their mobile phone. It can be seen every day, where ever one is. People have it in hand, play with it, make phone calls, check whatever. I gave it up. My preference is my PC. I had to relearn how to use it. I must know how to call my mailbox to get the messages.


lilasvb said...

this asana is so hard for me

Ursula said...

It's a difficult pose, but also important. It's stretching and twisting at the same time.