Thursday, January 26, 2012

Once is not enough.

I tried to practice primary and second Ashtanga series in a row, but with not so many vinyasas. I wanted to practice like the first yogis practiced when they were in Mysore. After having done primary I had enough. I was not yet sweaty. It can of course also be that my practice was spoiled due to my taking pictures. However. For the time being I think it's better for me to practice primary on one day and second series the other day. I still need strength and I want to work on the vinyasas.

Once is not enough, but for the time being it shall be enough.

Purvottanasana (see picture): To myself: Not to give up too early is always worth it. I found a solution to take a picture of this asana in my tiny yoga room.
Press the index finger in the floor, M uses to say. This helps to lift up the body, it opens the chest. This pose is a counter pose to paschimottanasana. Strength is needed. It's one of the few back bending asanas of primary.

Yeah, it was a bit disappointing today. I prefer the shorter, but more intensive practice. Next time I'll practice again primary with full vinyasa from the beginning to the end.

Janu sirsasana C is another asana I've not yet talked about in 2012. The position of the foot is important. In the meantime my leg touches the floor. When the balls of my foot is in position, I shift my weight forward and to the knee. The heel is a bit below the navel. It shall massage the inner organs. I think this pose keeps the toes flexible. It's also a not so loved pose. It's a pose that prepares another pose of 3rd or 4th series. In that pose the toes even show backward. Many poses of primary prepare of asanas to come. If one knows this one is more motivated to practice intensively.

So time to move on............


DeborahS said...

Good picture of Janu C- it's nice that you're wearing dark clothes and your foot is visible, which is the distinctive aspect of the pose.

Ursula said...

This was on purpose....:)