Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Navasana and first Mysore class this year

I had in mind that the first Mysore class for this year should be in the middle of February. This was obviously wrong as we received an email by M yesterday that the first Mysore class starts today.
E and I had an appointment in the morning, so I couldn't be on time. E drove me to the shala, but suddenly I was in a bad mood, very bad mood. I don't know why. I felt lousy and considered to go to a café to have a cup of coffee there and to stare holes into the atmosphere. Then I heard a voice: Look through the window who is there. Then you can turn around. I went to the backyard where the shala is and looked through the window. The room was crowded. What?, I thought, they are all practicing and I hang up so lazy. No. The front door was still open. I entered the holy rooms and went to the changing room. I was one hour later as usually. The Mysore class goes from 9am till 12 am. Usually I need 2 and a half hours for second series. Till 12pm I had 2 hours. Shall I do primary, I wondered? I wanted to do second series. I knew what this meant. I had to practice consequently without any dawdling, without breaks to recover and thinking. Wow, I had an excellent practice. I flew through the series. I felt like a snake without a spine, so flexible. I also felt strong like a bear when I needed strength. I balanced like a cat. Karandavasana was great.
Yepeeeeee, the Mysore season has started.

On the picture is navasana: I've a lot of fun with this pose. This is the pose, the only one that I practice with my E when he's at home and when I practice primary. OMG. Lol. I feel so strong in comparison to him. I really motivate him to hold this pose. It's hard work, he's not so convinced. He gives up so quickly. Sometimes I think he's only doing it for me. Hahaha. His back hurts when he's doing it. In my case the legs are challenged.
How to take this pose to the next level? 
As a preparation to these posts I check the book by Lino Miele and P. Jois  "Ashtanga yoga". Re this book this pose is done once. Usually yoginis repeat it 5 times. Of course 5 times is good to develop abdomen. I usually do it 3 times. Hahaha....sometimes I want to have it a bit easier.
Between this asana one lifts the body up to lolasana. To make it a bit more challenging one can swing the legs through the arms and then one can come back to the pose.

The light is great outside. I feel like napping first. I'll set a timer. I don't want to sleep my time away. But I've to be fit tonight and getting up so early today was not so easy. 

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