Monday, January 23, 2012

A Monday practice

Oh, it was difficult this morning. I know the reasons. To have only one night between two practices is felt by my body. I just remember the first yogis and yoginis who practiced with P. Jois. They practiced twice every day, in the morning and in the evening. So it seems to be possible. Perhaps I'm a weak sister.

The practice yesterday was wonderful. I tried to lift up my body higher when I did lolasana. This helped me to swing my legs through my arms a bit further than I usually am able to do. This is the direction. Higher, higher, higher, the abdomen have to do this work. Also the other asanas of primary were great. I even had the thought that it might be possible to come up from urdhva dhanurasana. I was very otimistic. This usually gives energy.

My E had picked me up after yoga. He waited for me at the bar in the café Voilà. He invited me in his fav Italian restaurant. We shared our starter. The waiter brought us 2 plates with similar portions on it. I prefer the variation when we get 2 empty plates and the starter on an extra plate in the middle. Then I usually take less and eat less. Then the duet pasta and the dessert and the glasses of wine. Lol. We went to bed late in addition as we wanted to see another day of "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here". In the morning we had to get up early.

So I was a bit later on my mat as usually in the Mysore class. I suffered. I only wanted to bring it behind me, not sloppy, but I knew it would be difficult to practice. It was. Humiliating it was. Of course I had forgotten to have a slight smile on my face. The breath was not forgotten.

The nap was needed this afternoon. It's 4pm now. Must I hurry again to take some pictures during day light?????

The herbal tea is delicious. I sip it with awe and make new vows that only I know. lol.

Tomorrow I'll practice second series at home.
Next months I'll give it a try and I'll practice first and second in a row how they did it the old days.

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