Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marichyasana A and preparation

Ah, look the difference: These things are noticed. Details count. On the picture above my hands are held relaxed, in line with the arms and the fingers are together. On picture 2 the finger are spread. I blame my self-timer, it was too fast. The pose on picture 1 looks so much nicer.

What comes into mind when I see this pose:
1. The rim of the foot is in line with the outer side of the body (and not next to leg). I couldn't believe this first (8 years ago). For those who want to progress fast: this pose prepares the leg behind head poses.
2. Lately I learned how to do this pose a bit deeper. I jump forward, grasp the wrist and then I stretch the arms. This makes a difference. That way the shoulder move backward, the chest opens. The upper body lengthens. Then I move mainly the one shoulder to the stretched leg, which is engaged. That way the arms don't lie lazy on the back. They serve as a leverage to stretch deeply into the pose.
3. I see that my foot of my stretched leg could be a bit more parallel to the wall.
4. Also here the vinyasa is as interesting as the pose. The exit can be done a bit different here.

Yesterday I watched TV.

First I watched a program where a man visits restaurants. He helps the owners to make the restaurant successful. The restaurant yesterday was a nightmare. Even mice were in the kitchen. Wow all the chaos, mess and dirt everywhere.
- This was the first step  to clean everything.
- The owner and cook didn't prepare anything. So the day was indeed very stressy. The coach recommended the "mise en place" method. That's also how I cook. This means first everything must be prepared, I cut all the vegetables, I put all the spicery next to my cooker. The cooking book is on the table, when I try a new recipe. Then I start. It's indeed a good recommendation for a relaxed day.
- The restaurant owner accepted everything and took action. It could be seen that it was not so easy for him. The coach even sent him to the shower. There he should think if he liked to change. To take care of the own appearance is also part of being successful. The restaurant was checked 6 weeks later and it was all so much better.

Preparation also makes my pictures better. It takes time but I think one can see the results. In the above case I used a reflector, I used also a white blanket to better my lousy light situation.

How to prepare a yoga practice: 
1. I think it's good to plan the night before. Then the subconscious is prepared, too. To decide what to do the day before can make it easier to start the next day. This avoids long inner discussions what to do. Then the question if one shall practice at all is very close. Hahahaha.....
2. To take a quick shower and to dress something that one likes is also part of my preparation.
3. Is the yoga room clean and warm? This is part of the preparation, too.
4. Before starting I hang forward till I'm ready, but then I start.

Also today it will be a learning session, that means I'll repeat those poses that are not yet comme il faut. Leg behind head pose i.e. needs repetition. When I go forward I've to hold my leg again. It's not always progress that can be experienced. Sometimes a pose gets lost. One always has to pick up oneself where one is.
...and I want to bring it behind me. This sounds a bit negatively, it isn't. I want to focus, concentrate.
Focus is such a good skill, that can indeed better life in general. Ashtanga yoga teaches a tool how to do it. It's program to focus/listen on the breath and to gaze at a point and to keep the eyes calm. With this Ashtanga yoga also becomes a mental exercise.
I'm confronted with fear during my practice. I must finally do pincha mayurasna in the middle of the room. As soon as I'm a bit more away from the wall, I have difficulties to come up. I should go in the middle of the room at once. I should be able to do it. Thinking makes the pose difficult as soon as I'm away from the wall. The body is able to do it.

What do I want to focus on now, is a good question. Letting go is a topic in my life for sure. Focus is a method. There is not only clutter in the house, in the handbag or in the car. There can also be mental clutter. Complaining about the past is in my opinion such a clutter. Oh, how I admire Osho who has burnt all his certificates when he left the university as a professor. Yesterday a nice metaphor came into my mind. When I have a huge sofa in a tiny room it's impossible to put another new sofa in this room. To let go allows to let new things enter life. One can focus on new adventures. I know the theory very well, hahahaha.

Back to: "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."
Why do I find the Australian jungle camper so boring?
I can also ask the other way round: What makes a person exciting?
- The tests are known now, the variations do not bring the excitement. Only the first time it's shocking when someone has to eat kangaroo testicles. This is used up.
- Also nakedness brings excitement for perhaps 2 days. Men might be different, but a naked body alone is not enough to make a program interesting.
I'm a bit bored so far, but I'll go on watching. Every evening I'm up till midnight. Perhaps some dynamic is still to come......

So time to have a breakfast.

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