Monday, January 16, 2012

Janu sirsasana A and a mushroom recipe

This pose is one of my favorite poses till now.
It's another  forward bending asana. Dristhi is the foot. It's not necessary to see it. One says it's looking toward the foot. When I look towards the foot my eyes are wide-open (front is relaxed) and this keeps me awake. Resting comes at the end. The eyes are calm, they don't move. This calms the mind. Yoga is a concentration exercise.

1. Jumping forward and backward without touching the floor with the feet is my goal. Also these jumps can be done controlled. It drives me crazy that I'm still not able to do it. I also know that when things are difficult the mind has a task. One can try to understand how it goes or one can even create additional exercises to learn it.
Re jumping forward i.e. I jump forward from downdog and I try to stay on my hands with bended legs.
Re jumping backwards I lift my body up and swing it through as an additional exercise. Momentum is the new word that I've learned.
2. The correct vinyasa count is also important. It helps to practice consequently without taking breaks. Finally this allows to experience flow. Here I got much much better when I practice primary.

On my plan for today is second series. My practice was so intensive yesterday. This is always a great joy for me. I hope now it will be so good as yesterday, but there is no guarantee. First preparations are done: The heater is on already, I need it warm.

The recipe of my mushroom-meal: 
2 shallots
1 leek
4 different sorts of mushrooms (I think this made the meal special): white mushrooms, brown mushrooms, Shiitake and "Limonenseitling" (couldn't fine the translation)
5. a fresh rosmary (not dried one): This made a difference. I put the stem in the pan with the other ingredients and removed it later.
6. parsley
7. vegetable broth
8. white wine (use the same wine for the sauce that you drink, not a cheaper one.)
9. pepper
I usually work "mise en place" means I cut everything first before I start cooking. I want to cook relaxed.
First I put oil in the pan, then the shallots and the leak. After a while I added the mushrooms. You can put water and wine in it, I think I used only wine. I put a cube of vegetable broth to it and pepper. Let it simmer till all the ingredients are soft. When the meal was on the plate I put the cut parsley on it.

We had a Parisienne with it (white French bread) and before cooking I had prepared a green salad with a simple dressing (olive oil and white wine vinegar).


Anna said...

Mmmm - sounds delicious. It's 'leek'. I love them.

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna for the corrections. It's highly appreciated.

It was indeed an outstanding meal.

Quentin said... has excellent video on the jump back. I practice this after viewing and managed this much better than before....Momentum is the key.

Ursula said...

Thanks Quentin.

I shared this video on facebook.

Nevertheless it's not so easy to do it,despite all the tips and tricks and how to recommendations.