Thursday, January 05, 2012

It's stormy here.

If not necessary I won't go out anymore. The weather report tells us that temperature will fall and even snow will be added to the stormy wind within the next hours.

It's almost 4pm.

I'll relax a bit and then I'll practice primary. Flexibility is required from time to time.

I sleep longer than planned these days. When I get up I feel cold, then I sip my coffee in the hope it will warm me. From next week on I must be a bit more consistent with my morning routine. At 12am I will have to leave my home to get to work. Till then I want to have practiced already. It's doable.

It was a day for my pearls today. I put on a graphite pair of trousers and a soft pullover in the same color. My scarf was pink, handbag and shoes were black.

Never nap after 4pm someone wrote me once, because napping after 4pm makes it difficult to sleep at night. 30 min relaxation is exactly what I need now.

Primary: I want to practice full vinyasas like described in Lino Miele's book. My focus are the vinyasas, especially jumping backwards.


Anna said...

'consistent' :-)

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna.

To study English (and French) is on my list (resolution for this year). Hahaha.....

Anna said...

Your English is SO good! Love the pearls.

Ursula said...

The pearls are from my grandma. I love them, too.

Only you and the gods know how my English is. I wish it were better.
It got late tonight 2am. hahahaha. Indeed an entertaining evening. Green light to life.

Have a good time, Anna.