Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I'm innocent, life happens.....

Topic 1: I couldn't avoid it. Hahahaha....It was the second job offer since the beginning of this bloody young year. Today I had an interview and next Wednesday I start working as an accountant. I can start at 1pm. This means I've the mornings for my yoga practice. Yepeeeeeee. It's limited till the end of March and it's a 20 hour week (it's always more). This is OK, too. It's not that bad when a bit of money fills my holes.

Topic 2: Thank you for commenting. But clutter has to go. There is also electronic clutter. I only enjoy my postcards when I think I want to throw them away. To be honest, I know better activities in life than to scan old postcards. I could kiss my bf i.e. A postcard has 2 sides, it often traveled around the world. It's not the same if I hold it in hand or if I look at it on the screen. Enough is enough. I also prefer to read new postcards than the old ones again and again.
In the meantime I know a lot of reasons why we buy and buy, why we keep things and why we're not able to let go. All day long we're bombarded: buy this, buy that. Nobody tells us: let go. It's an art and a skill to let go. This morning I discarded postcards. I want to limit my boxes. 4 boxes shall be enough.
For the time being I even have a German politician in mind who cannot let go of his job. This happens not so seldom. They cling and cling and cling.
One can cling to everything. Often it's a habit that avoids living. Less is more.

Topic 3: My afternoon practice yesterday was excellent. This morning I was so excited due to the interview that no practice happened so far. Shall this be OK. I celebrated my upcoming job adventures when I returned with my E in a restaurant. So wonderful that he's still on vacation. I'm full now, I don't feel like lying on my belly doing dhanurasana. To practice daily means 3 times minimum, up to 6/7 times a week.

Topic 4: It's good that I've so much energy.

The lights are green........the new year is in full swing. 


Anonymous said...

I'm so very happy for you on the upcoming job venture. It sounds perfect.. "part-time" and short term..

One thing I cannot give up in my daily routine is reading your blog posts. You connect me with the other side of the planet with the common thread of Ashtanga yoga..
I love it!
Om Shanti!

Ursula said...

It's almost ever harmless to read my blog posts.
So, it's perfectly OK when you cannot give up reading. Hahahaha.......:)

The first week is already so exciting here,......

Have a good time on and off the mat Debb......