Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I wish it were easier......

Right now I wish it (= the new pose called vasisthasana) were easier, but it isn't.
I had to try it today, of course. To bring the one foot up to the hand is the challenge.
In order to stay optimistic I practiced after a while the pose without lifting the one leg. It's still a balancing pose, but so much easier. It will take some months till it's a joy to lift up the leg. It seems doable.

It was not so my day today. I practiced the sun salutation, the standing sequence and some asanas. This is sometimes so. It goes either up or down, always, I know this already. Sometimes energy is slow and heavy. It doesn't shatter me. I observe and wait for tomorrow. Lol.

Tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class again. We start at 8am now on Wednesdays. I'll be very early in bed today. 


Quentin said...

easier to from side plank bend one knee then grab toe and extend while balancing. our class did this at end of primary this morning after also doing a few beginning poses of intermediate series.

Ursula said...

Oh yes this is what is my first goal. I don't care so much if the leg is stretched when I lift it up. This is also impossible by now.

Nevertheless, my body needs time to get used to new poses. Always...:)

DeborahS said...

So funny- this is a fairly common pose in vinyasa classes, modified of course since grabbing the big toe and straightening the leg is not accessible for everyone. A fun variation involves putting the upper leg in tree pose (vrksasana). But of course we're veering away from Ashtanga at that point.

Since I'm no where near 3rd series, I'm not sure how it's taught in Ashtanga but David Magone (founder of PranaVayu yoga) taught me to lift the hip toward the ceiling, imagine your body more as a banana than a plank, to make it easier to grab hold of the toe and staighten the lef.

Congrats Ursula!

Ursula said...

Good morning,

Yep, I think this is a good approach, slowly to move the foot upwards, then holding it and then stretching the foot.


Thanks for the tip.
I think a lot of strength is needed for this pose.

Have nice practices....

mick feeble said...

I have not yet got the leg raised in side plank, because of extremely tight hamstrings. Yesterday, in Vinyasa class, we did a sequence that took us from Plank --> Side Plank --> bring top leg to Tree --> flip back to Plank with leg still in Tree --> do 3 slow push-ups, then flip to the other side, and repeat the sequence 3 times on each side. It was extremely difficult. But I do like that combined feeling of extension and muscle engagement that this pose offers.

Enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

Ursula said...

Thanks for reading mick....:)