Saturday, January 21, 2012

I went.....

I went to the dance and yoga shala downtown. And I'm glad now that I went. Of course. Hahaha....
The shala is indeed the most beautiful one in Munich. It's in the fifth floor, above the roofs of Munich. One wall is a mirror. Two walls consist of huge windows. Snow fell down and rested on the roofs there. The view at the towers of the churches is special. Light was in the room. What a space. We looked towards the one wall that was painted. That way the mirror didn't seduce to look at oneself again and again. This would have spoiled the practice.

The teacher and owner of the studio is such a friendly person. I loved to be there. Of course I was curious about the feed-back and the adjustments she would give me.

1. Lolasana: "Why do you not lift up your body higher. It's a pity, because you're able to do it", she said to me. I should engage my abdomen more. It was possible to lift myself up higher. This might be another tiny step closer to the jumping through.
2. I did navasana 3 times. As always. It's enough for me, I think. I was recommended to practice it 5 times, because these 2 last navasanas might bring the necessary strength. Dristhi is a bit higher as I do it. Looking a bit higher makes it easier to keep the chest open. I love it if someone takes care of the details. Dristhis are important.
3. I added two more navasanas and got the friendly feed-back to keep the face relaxed. This is one of my intentions to stay cool, with a tiny smile on my face. It seems to be forgotten quickly during a practice where I try to get to my limits.  It's important in my view to have a relaxed face. It shows joy. Being relaxed supports the practice. It supports the attitude "let it happen".

Because of these points it was worth already to go. 

4. I got an adjustment in urdhva mukha paschimottanasana, see picture above. I could go very deep in that pose. Then she left me alone and I could balance. It felt great.

I enjoyed my practice in this shala above the roofs of Munich. I also got some ideas how to take pictures of the missing asanas of primary. The mirror gave me inspirations. A few times I saw myself. What a tiny person I am. And so resilient. :)

Then I left the shala: What came from heaven was very wet snow. My umbrella was at home. I was too optimistic re the weather, I had hoped it wouldn't snow again. Nevertheless I stopped at the French bakery on my way home to get a breakfast for E and myself. I wanted to pamper him.

If money wouldn't play a role I'd go regular on Saturdays to that awesome shala. But money counts. From time to time I'll show up there for sure.

What next? I must clean, I want it. Yes!

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