Saturday, January 14, 2012

I realized....

1. I realized that I started breathing sloppily. This is, I often get out of the pose before the last exhaling is done fully. This makes it easier especially when the asanas build strength. Good that I realized this.

2. My pictures also told me that when I do a standing forward bending and I want to have my head in line with my spine I have to bring the chin closer to the neck actively. If I let my head lose it tends to fall a bit backwards.

Ah, it was so good to sleep another few hours. I got a breakfast when I was up, brrrhhhh was it cold outside. E prepared the coffee when I returned. We sipped from one big cup. :)

I love my current life.

My mother enrolled for a yoga class again. Subconsciously my passion has contagious potential. It's not Ashtanga yoga, but this doesn't matter. Better to get a yoga infection than a flu.

Moving the body is therapeutic, whatever it is. For those who are bothered by not so uplifting thoughts, I recommend: move, move, move. Go swimming or walking as fast as you can or clean the house from top to bottom. This can be like a therapy. Enjoy, wink.


Anna said...

I am so happy that you love your current life! See what happens when you eschew the corporate world - haha. I keep encouraging you to stick to that path! Lovely that your Ma has enrolled for yoga too.

Anna said...

"Clean the house from top to bottom."

Ursula said...

It's very good when you encourage me from time to time to go on with my life outside the corporate world. My doubts need to be blown away from time to time.

Anna I wish you a that you love your current life, too, but I think you do. ......:)

Anna said...

I do! But like you I worry from time to time about having my own income coming in... however, nothing would induce me to make money for some fat cat capitalist -hahaha.

Ursula said...

It's a good statement. I can feel the energy. It will bring you to another beautiful island than these grey offices....:)