Sunday, January 08, 2012

I crawled back into the bed trap

Between 6am and 7am I was sitting in front of my PC, checking what had happened in the world overnight. I was sipping my black coffee, the heater I had turned on already. When I wrote my journal I had my soft blanket around my shoulders. I still felt cold. It's a subjective feeling, it cannot be so cold here, but I felt so cold that soon I crawled back into the bed where my warm bf was sleeping. I hugged him from behind and ah, so good I felt warm and cosy at once and slept for a few more hours (what was not my intention).

Soon I'll be much busier than I'm now. I enjoy that indeed almost nothing MUST be done for the time being. I can say to most activities that I WANT to do them. I also have no deadlines. This is luxury. When I've stress it's self-made and I realize this.

Yesterday I watched youtube videos on asanas. This is always so motivating.
My yoga week starts today with intermediate series.
I'm sure I'll sweat. It's warm now here, also for me. I want to focus on one of the back bending asanas kapotasana, one of the forward bending asanas eka pada sirsasana and one of the balancing asanas karandavasana. These asanas I want to repeat to make progress. This is a plan. I shall see on the mat how strong I'll be. 

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