Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to navigate through life?

A car has a break, windshield wiper, safety belt, back mirror, seat heater, accelerator pedal, route guidance system, parking help, blinker, different lights and and and......

And what tools has a human being to navigate safely, but relaxed and with fun through life?

I have my writing (journal and blog). It's like a windshield wiper. It cleans the sight, it clears the view and I can see the next steps. My writing can also serve as a back mirror. Seeing clearly helps me to speed up my life as if I push down the accelerator pedal. It guides me. It makes me stop every day only in order to adjust the direction I want to go.

My yoga practice speeds up life. It gives orientation like a route guidance system. It's also like a seat heater, it relaxes me enormously. It keeps me healthy and warm and I stay interested in life. It shows me new dimensions.

Of course I fill my body with healthy stuff so that it can be at it's best. We don't fill vinegar in a car, it won't move. A body needs vegetables, fruit and water to give it's best.

Ah and not to forget friends, knowing what pleases me and to give time for it are tools that make life a joy. Encounters with people I love, my interests are my seat heater in life, for sure. It makes me burn.

Do you know your tools that bring you through life - healthy and with a good portion of humor? 
It's worth thinking about it. 

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