Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally a twist......mariychasana C

Finally a twist in the primary Ashtanga series.
Once I practiced in a shala and I complimented  my neighbor yogini after the class because she was able to do this pose so easily. She assured me that she was a bloody beginner in yoga and that this pose was not at all a problem for her as she had long arms.

Two main factors influence our practice (our lives): our genes, our conditioning.

- I've relatively short arms (genes) so this pose was not so easy for me. I remember that I was very happy when finally the finger could hook. It's easier if one tries to bind, however, a bit higher on the back. If the binding is done, one can move the arms down easily.
- I don't give up so quickly (conditioning), so also I learned this pose. Nowadays I can bind always and I reach the wrist always. I work on getting fast into this pose so that I can practice re the correct vinyasa count.

Twists neutralize poses, it is said. They feel indeed very good. The spine stays young, so it feels.

Engaging the bandhas helps to twist.

Picture: Hahaha, my foot was behind the reflector so I could also cut the picture a bit more. The foot of the stretched leg is supposed to be parallel to the floor.

Today the Mysore classes start again. I've forgotten this. I've an appointment in the morning. I'm not even sure if I can be there on time. Time flies. 

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