Monday, January 16, 2012

Done, done, done, I'm through of all the asanas of second series

Oh, the body was ready for a practice, but the mind was so distracted. So many little breaks happened during my practice. I also needed music. 
Good was that I returned to my mat again and again and I didn't omit a single asana. 
It's difficult to describe the feelings during a practice, as it's changing quickly from being surprised till being frustrated. Now I'm happy that I did a full practice. 
I know my strength: I know how to learn, I'm rather self-disciplined, optimism.
I also know my weaknesses: back bending and concentration. Re concentration I consider to add 10 min meditation again. 

Let's talk about janu sirsasana B:

I get to the point: The heel is under the perineum. The perineum muscles become flexible that way. There is not a body part that the yoginins don't keep flexible and strong. If the heel is exactly there it's not unpleasant, otherwise it is.
It's a bit more demanding to bend forward than it is when practicing janu sirsasna B. The challenges progress.

For me the asanas of the first series feel good. I love it to be in these  poses.

Time to move on.......


Ann said...

Hi Ursula,

Thank you for this step by step with your practice. It helps keep me inspired and focused with mine.

When you say the "verse" is under the perineum, what is that exactly? Sorry if my yoga vocabulary isn't that good.


Ursula said...

Hi Ann,

it's corrected, it's heel.

My mistake.

Thank you for your feed-back and happy practices.


Ann said...

Hi Ursula,

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.