Monday, January 09, 2012

A day like a practice.

I'm very happy when I can cross out one action from my to do list. I can. I was at the dentist. Wow was the woman who cleaned my teeth professional. Not only how she worked was perfect, she's been 30 years in that job, also her communication skills (manners, friendliness, openess) were very advanced. Later I saw on her business card that she has studied neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and this tells me a lot as I've done this, too. It's life changing skills. In the beginning she asked me to chose a little stone from a bowl with many different stones. I could take it home also. I could hold the stone in my hand while she was working to be relaxed, to have a bit distraction. How sensitive, indeed. "Ah you take the rose quarz," she said when I took the smooth rose one.
Yep, I gulped: Before the session I had to sign that I'll have to pay 300,.. Euro when I miss a future appointment. 48 hours earlier I have to cancel it if I won't have time to come. But 300,-- Euro, I mean this is a lot. I was at a very luxury doctor today. Also the arrangement there told me this. Every detail was chosen and tasteful. I want to be able to afford such doctors. This motivates me for my work that starts this week on Wednesday or Thursday. By now I manage it perfectly to postpone the excitement and even thoughts about it.

Afterwards I went to a photo studio for pictures. My passport is expired. I was not happy with the results and I'm still not. The biometric pictures (smiling forbidden) are in front of me. Within a minute the pictures were done. Chin up, the photographer said and it made click and this was it. Shall I really spend another 20 Euro or shall I start thinking that I like the pictures? I fear I'm too lazy to repeat this exercise at another photo studio tomorrow. During the afternoon I was looking for another photo studio. Most of them take these quick shots, which are a bit better than those in the photo machines that decorate the way to the underground. The photographer round the corner moved outside of Munich. He was good. Also these biometric pictures can be done quick quick or professional.

I've too much other things to do. Shall I like these pictures, even though I must like them for the next 10 years. It will become easier the longer I'll have this passport as I get older and soon I'll look young on my passport.

It's 8pm now.
I fear it's best to get a new passport first tomorrow. When I'll be there at 8am, I'm there at least early. Going to these offices can take hours, but it needs to be done. So yoga after that passport thing and some necessary shopping. Sigh. I don't like it at all when I postpone my yoga practice. Sometimes I need to tame it. It is very time-consuming. Only a simple life allows such a "hobby". I don't want to let my to do lists grow and grow and grow. Sometimes I feel I have to sacrifice a yoga practice in order to reduce stress. Three times a week till 6 times is a daily practice. No worries, the week has just started.

On the picture is utthita parsva konasana. It has 5 vinyasas. Gazing point is the hand. The feet and the one hand shall really press against the floor. This stabilizes this pose. The knee presses against the arm, this helps to open the upper body. I also think it's important that the upper leg of the bended leg is parallel to the floor. The hand is in line with the arm. The shoulders always move away from the ears.
Surely a nice pose that stretches the body. It's always lengthen the body and then going deep into an asana.

Interesting is also the vinyasa. Before stretching the bended leg the upper body comes out of the pose, via virabadhrasana so to say. Via virabadhrasana one also lowers into the pose. Most yogis are very sloppy here. This can be a challenge for the legs to do it correctly, but strong legs are needed. One only betrays oneself. It's not falling out of a pose but to leave it elegantly, strong. Everything under control, so to say.
When practicing full vinyasa one returns to samasthitih after having performed the left side. I do prefer full vinyasa, because distance of the feet always vary a bit from pose to pose. It's better to start fresh from samasthitih.

Oh, how I regret that the day disappeared so quickly. The life of an Ashtanga yoga practitioner is really a busy life.
Tomorrow is Tuesday: second series. I can't wait. I will find time for it, I will.


babYpose said...

Hi there, i just cant wait to practice yoga after giving birth. Ich liebe deine blog :) hope its correct.

Ursula said...

Thank you for reading.

And good luck with the new beginning. Start slowly. :)