Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Ashtanga Bible

Yesterday night I studied the Ashtanga bible. For me this is the book that Patthabi Jois wrote with Lino Miele.  I studied the correct vinyasa count.
1. In the book the first and second series is described with full vinyasa (starting and finishing an asana in samasthitih). This feels so much better. It might take longer for sure. And this might have been the reason why it was changed to half vinyasa. A too big compromise? I totally understand that we've to adjust the practice to our life. Not everybody has time to practice asanas and pranayama for 3 hours every day. Even 2 hours is much time and that's what I need for an intensive practice without hurrying through the series.
Next time I'll practice full vinyasa like it's described in this book.
2. Not only the middle part of the series is described with full vinyasa, but also the standing sequence and the finishing sequence.

I also studied the asanas of the other series in the book by Matthew Sweeney. Oh my, I looked at beautiful asanas that need years of practice. If one wants to learn these challenging body postures one has to repeat them several times during a practice in order to learn them. Just trying them and then moving on is not enough in my opinion. Some teachers even recommend extra sessions to learn asanas. This makes sense.

Yesterday I didn't practice. I was busy with other important things and I'm glad today that they are done. I also felt like space clearing in the morning. This activity is important, too and I must feel mentally strong for this. Letting go is a mental exercise. Then it was lunch time and I wanted to have lunch with my bf who is still on vacation. Afterwards my stomach was too full for dhanurasana. And then it was evening. LOL. Days disappear that fast.
It was dark already when I experimented with my camera and candle light. Not every time when I experiment with my camera good results are the outcome. Whatever one does, this is so. Up and down is the pattern of every action. I got a bit more experienced.

Today second series is on the schedule. I'm looking forward to my practice. 


Andrew said...

I really like some these techniques from the Ashtanga. I think I may try to put some of them into practice an Anamaya. Thanks, great post!

Ursula said...

Enjoy. :)