Sunday, January 15, 2012

Again we bend forward: tirieng mukha eka pada paschimottanasana

I thought it wouldn't bring me so much to go through all the asanas of the first series. But I'm learning something.
1. I cannot emphasize enough there is the asana, which  really flourished what I can see. But there are also the vinyasas and they need extra attention, still after so many years. The earlier one exercises them, comme il faut, the better.
2. The bending starts from the hips.
3. When bending forward the shoulders remain parallel. Pictures help a lot here to check if they are truly parallel. Feelings can mislead.
4. Dristhis help to focus. They shall not be neglected either.
5. To engage the bandhas when exhaling allows to go deeper in a pose.

It's a lot of forward bending in the first series. It's good to move on quickly to the second series, too. So it was tought with P. Jois. My back bending is so lousy, because I started too late with it. We can only learn what we practice. End of yoga stories.

I'll cook again. My meals are most delicious and they make us lose weight (hahaha). Our dinner will be Thai inspired today. Time to start.

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