Friday, January 20, 2012

The 12th man and kukkutasana

When soccer player speak of the 12th man they talk about the spectators. The spectators can indeed give power.
In yoga the other yogis and yoginis are like the 12th man for me. I was in a Mysore class this morning. I was thankful for all the yoginis who had schlepped themselves to the shala. It was a cold and rainy morning here. To practice in a group allows me to have access to my strength. My focus is so much better, too.

Kukkutasana (see picture): 
I want to start with a quote from the book by P. Jois and Lino Miele with Sharath as a yoga model, page 62:
When practicing this asana Mulabandha andd Uddiyanabandha should be released. The rectrum (Guda Nala) must be relaxed and the practice of Nauli performed. Nauli is the movement of the rectus abdominus muscles, firstly in a circular clockwise and then anticlockwise direction, while the lungs are empty. This cures constipation (Malabaddata). Additionally urine problems are allieviated and the urethra cleansed. The muscles of the arms and shoulders are strengthened.

So far I haven't practiced nauli, but I will. I simply didn't know that this is part of this asana. A reader commented and sent me a link to nauli. Thank you.
Only one yogini in our class is practicing it. She's doing it very well. I will ask her how she learned it and how long it lasted till she was able to do it.

I'll practice nauli in the morning when my water is running through my filter with coffee. I want to have an empty stomach for this exercise. This morning already I realized that this tiny exercise can wake me up and it can warm the entire body.

There is a lot to learn re the primary.

When practicing full vinyasa, kukkutasana is practiced on it's own.

I'm curious. Who is practicing nauli when practicing kukkutasana?????????

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