Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yesterday was my yoga free day....

....which does not mean that I didn't watch some Youtube yoga videos. My body could rest.

More important is that I had time for other things: cleaning i.e. When I don't know anymore where to put my cup of coffee on the desk in the morning, I know what I have to do.
To put clothes in the washing machine doesn't count as work, but I washed all the hand-wash clothes, too. I also cleaned the bathroom. At night I did the dishes. I had prepared a healthy dinner for us with tomatoes, mushrooms, salad. Everything looks a bit better here after my cleaning session yesterday.

In addition I have a new project. I go through my wardrobe and create outfits from the clothes I have. Yep. I create i.e. 10 winter outfits. This shall be enough. I've 5 warmer pair of pants and I match pullovers to it or a jacket and a coat. I also try to match a handbag. Then I take a picture and post it on a private blog with the label winter. Now comes the important part. All the clothes that do not fit to anything have to go. My wardrobe is too full.
If I have a favorite pullover that I don't want to throw away and nothing matches to it then I've to go shopping. :) to find a company for it. I have beautiful summer clothes, but no shoes to it i.e. On the other hand, I've handbags that I never use.
1. This project allows me to be creative.
2. It's also an exercise of letting go.
3. It's another step in the direction to make life simpler.

On Saturdays I call my parents. Yesterday I learned that a relative, only few years older than me is in the home for old people. She had cancer and after the surgery that lasted 4 hours she didn't recover fully. She needs chemical therapy and she must be not able to go to it on her own. This is why she needs help. Redundant to say that I almost couldn't believe it. I could have given her life style advice, but she wouldn't have listened to me. She used to say to me: "People like you don't exist anymore."
Me to my father: Look, this is why I do yoga. I want to die healthy.
Me to my father: And this is also why I eat vegetarian.
He to me: And it's your imagination that this helps.
Here we are again. If imagination helps, why not. He meant it differently. My parents are not convinced about my passionate yoga practice and they also think I should eat everything. But I don't. I'm able to say "no". This was surely also one of the mistakes of my relative. She is too nice, wanted to please everybody and neglected therefore herself, her own needs. she gulped down everything.
It's so important to go one's own way. This means for me also to stand the feeling to be alone. Feeling alone is not life-threatening.

"If you do not follow somebody, you feel very lonely. Be lonely then." J.Krishnamurti

I heard some more stories about illnesses. Shall this be enough.

For me yoga is a way to stay healthy, and I mean the body and the mind. I learn to listen to myself. It makes me sensitive. So many situations that I experience on the mat, I can see in life, too. My yoga practice shows me solutions, possibilities how to handle things. Often my practice is a pointer how to handle life situations.

Focus is such technique I exercise on the mat, it's useful in life, too: 
- Not being focused is time-consuming. Back to a yoga class. All the breaks make a practice longer: Starting a conversation when getting adjusted, running to the restroom (might be necessary), taking extra breaks because the practice is challenging, adjusting the hair again and again, playing with body parts....and and and this all uses up time. Flow doesn't happen that way. Experiencing flow is a satisfying feeling.
- On the other hand what gets attention grows. What doesn't get attention fades away and even disappears. Intensity can happen. I see the power of focus. It makes life better.
I try to give attention to those things I want them to grow.
I try to refocus if my mind is busy with things that I think are dead end roads or negative.

This is why I use my timer for any activity. I make a decision on what I want to focus, i.e. on cleaning the kitchen. For 25 min I want to focus then to get things done. Afterwards I relax. Applying this helps me to stay more relaxed in general.

Today I'll go to a led class. I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I, too, often feel alone in my "thinking" and philosophies.. Not lonely, just alone. But, I have the energies of the heavens with me too. Some of the biggest lessons I have learned have been from my two dear housemates, one black and the other black and white - my kitties, Twyla and Miss Iris. They have taught me to live in the now, the present moment, the present breath.
Your blog is truly a gift to me, dear U..

Anna said...

You're so wise. You're your own woman Ursula: that's why I love your posts.

*(Means you follow your own path :-))

Ursula said...

...and your kitties have such lovely names: Twyla and Miss nice.

Thank you Debb, I agree to observe animals is great. They don't worry, they are.

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna.
I'm glad that you find some wisdom in my daily outpour.