Saturday, December 03, 2011

What a ride

The afternoon was still nice in Nice. We took a taxi to the airport to pick up the rental car. As soon as we drove to Valbonne it started raining cats and dogs. E cursed about the car: "Who builds such cars?" It became dark and the rain got worse. It was a hell drive. We took a wrong way as well: "Toute direction" one can read all the time. Toute direction can mean everything. We found the hotel. How good.

My father uses to say that it's best at home. This might be sure. Travelling means to stay flexible. One has to adjust oneself to a new situation. The hotel where we are is a good one. Nevertheless it's new again. A huge bed is in the room, around the bed are aisles like in a plane. It's all very tight. It's Saturday, I decided not to practice. 

Before the rain.

All pictures are taken in Nice, France.

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