Thursday, December 01, 2011

Travel tips for the yogini with no time

1. 23 hours before the plane flies it's possible to check in online. This is done already. I'll fly to Nice, France today. I'l follow my bf. :)
2. I check the weather report of the place of destination. A weather link is on the right side of my blog.
3. I check the days that I'll be on tour. This time it's 4 days. This is important when I'll pack my suitcase.
4. Google offers all sorts of infos, yep I google a bit, this increases anticipation.
5. I write in my calender the exact time when I have to leave my home. It's 12am today. I prefer to travel with as less stress as possible, I'm always on time without running.

2 Hours before leaving the house I start packing. 

Important things first, my handbag. I usually empty it first. Once I had a Swiss knife in my handbag that I had forgotten. This was a bit embarrassing when it was found when I was checked.

I put in my handbag:
- the boarding pass
- the passport
- my glasses to read and my sunglasses
- something to read
- my knitted socks. I put off my shoes in the plane and make it comfortable.
- money and my little camera
- my calender with the address of the hotel and what else is important
- a pen
- new: I've a toothbrush in my handbag. I feel better when I can brush my teeth after each dinner when on the road
and's surely also individual.

Then I pack my suitcase. I've a list. It's in my calender. It has the following categories:
1. documents
2. hygiene
3. drugs (L-Tyroxin for my thyroid gland, Aspirin, plaster)
4. entertainment (camera, travel guide, books, alarm clock, journal,..........)
5. clothes.
- When I know how many days I travel it's easier. Fresh underwear for every day, hahaha.
- Yoga clothes I use twice or 3 times when I practice alone, lol. I want to travel light.
- Warm clothes must always be in the suitcase, too.
- I also have something beautiful in my suitcase for the romantic evenings in posh restaurants. It's good to have something that doesn't get wrinkles when folded. Such fancy clothes do exist.
- I decide which shall be my main color, i.e. blue and then I try to put clothes in my suitcase that fit together.
- Each category of clothes have a place in my suitcase, it's always the same place. I find my things blindly. Left corner close to me is the underwear, above the yoga clothes. On top on the right side is the hygiene bag and cosmetics. Those things that I need first are on top, like the pyjama. Umbrella is the first item I put in the suitcase in the hope I won't need it.

When I miss something on a trip, I add it to my list for the next time.

I travel with 5 items:
- my handbag.
- my suitcase.
- my Nikon
- my yoga mat
- my PC
More I cannot carry around. Brrhhhhhhh, but I'm strong, I practice Ashtanga yoga, I've muscles. I never travel with more things than I can carry around alone.
There should be still room in the suitcase for the new things that usually enter my life when travelling. :)

It's warm in Nice 16° Celsius. I'll be alone tonight. I'll stroll around to find a restaurant for myself. Shall it find me. I'm spontaneous.

I'm in best mood.

I'm still jet lagged from the Hawaii trip. This is good now. I got up early and I've time for a sweaty primary.


Anna said...

Ursula - I haven't been able to comment for ages - have you still got errors on your blog comment thing?

Anna said...

What suitcase do you use?

I made the mistake of buying an enormously expensive rucksack for a recent trip to South Africa. I thought it would be great to have a 'one bag' trip and no checked luggage. Big mistake. It nearly killed me due to its weight and the fact that I couldn't get it on and off very quickly. Also, staggering round the airport before take off was almost impossible. I am going back to a suitcase and checking it into the hold.

Anna said...

Sorry, meant to ask - does your pc fit in your handbag?

Also, 'reading glasses' we say :-)

Ursula said...

No errors anymore here.

I've 2 suitcases. "Stratic" stands on it. One is a bigger one, one a smaller one. I always drop off my suitcase. Camera, PC, handbag and yoga mat is indeed enough to carry around. I want to have it comfortable. Today I looked, the suitcase that I dropped off was 10,9 kg.
I always remind me that I'm not on a survival training when I travel. I can get everything where I'll be. No reason for worries.

Ursula said...

Thank you for the English tip.

My PC does not fit in my handbag, not yet. The next one will......:)

antonette298 said...

Thanks for sharing those travel tips. Those are things that travelers should consider. Keep on posting!
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