Thursday, December 08, 2011

Still sun salutations.....

Urdhva mukha svanasana is a counterpose to all the back bending asanas. It's recommended even to hold it a few breath more after intensive asanas like supta kurmasana.

I take care that
- my legs are engaged. There is distance between thighs and floor. Strong legs are needed for more intensive back bending asanas
- my shoulders are down
- that dristhi IS nose or third eye (not the ceiling). Looking upward comes often with a wrinkled front. Dristhi shall not make us ugly. It deepens concentration and focus. To keep the eyes calm, calms the mind.
- I go slowly from chaturanga dandasana to upward facing dog. This develops arm muscles. I match inhaling with the movement.
- hands are firm on the floor, fingers are spread.
- I realize that my verse tend to move to each others. I often realize that the feet of yoginis fall outside. I worked against it, obviously a bit too much.

This is uttanasana A from the side. There is a lot of potential in this deepest forward bending asana of the sun salutation. This is one reason why I know that primary is still a series I need to practice. It's not at all boring, there are still many challenges.
I love that the back is straight. :)

Balancing poses: When jumping back and jumping forward I try to shift the weight on my hands. I don't manage it to keep the feet in the air. That's the goal. I want to put down the feet without the slightest noise.
Being able to do this is the best preparation for the vinyasas and balancing poses. There is a connection between the poses.
It's no more that I think to jump the feet between the hands, I think to bring the hips as high as possible. The hips lead, not the feet, those land from alone. This thought and intention makes a difference. Also jumping forward and backward shall be done controlled.

Tomorrow I chat about sun salutation B and the hero pose.

At home again: 

- slowly the jet lag disappears
- I get back to a healthy diet. Fresh food and small portions keep me fit.
- suitcase is unpacked
- mountains of dirty clothes are washed and ironed.
- dust is removed
- mentally I'm here again, too.

So, time for a primary. It has a lot of challenges.

My "I want to do list" is long......

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