Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six more days till Christmas.....

......I hope that we'll drive home to my parents the 23rd or the 24th and not earlier. I need the time here to close the last year. I feel hectic, perhaps because so many people are running around and perhaps because my to do list is still so long and perhaps because it's a learned habit.

It's 2:04pm and we had breakfast. lol.

This old year has still 13 more days. I want to celebrate New Year evening at home. If this will be possible depends on the weather (as every year). When the streets will be icey ans full of snow we'll be stuck in the north of Germany. Before worrying about this it makes more sense to focus on the next action.

I've still one hour and then I want to go to a led class. Yesterday I didn't practice. Time is running through my fingers. On my desk is a yellow book that is smiling at me every day. It's called "Self-discipline in 10 days" and it's byTheodore Bryant. It would be good to finish it till the 31st of December.

Enough written here, enough. Tonight I want to be able to cross out some items on my list. 

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