Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping spree...

It's a ritual to drive to Hannover between Christmas and New Year. Prices are low and so we found some goodies (shoes,scarves, nightdresses).

It shall not be that I practice. I miss it. Either I sleep too long or I think it's too cold, or my stomach is full or we drive downtown. The excuses are endless. It's good that I miss my practice.
My head is clear again. Might it happen that I find the way out of the bed early tomorrow.
After lunch we'll drive home. The first stage will be my parents again. On Saturday I'll be at home again. Yepeeeeeeee. How I will enjoy my tiny warm villa motely.

The planning of the New Year Eve menu is in full swing. I think of something Thai inspired. Yeah, I'll cook.

The last year makes it's last inhalings and exhalings. I can sense it. I'm ready for the new one. :)

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