Thursday, December 29, 2011

Self-discipline in 10 days.....

I'm a bit in a hurry now. 3 days are left in this old year to start and finish the book "Self-discipline in 10 days". It's btw a good book, excellent even. I started it and after a few chapters only I was so self-disciplined that I stopped reading and started acting. I got lazy again and now I want to start and finish it. If one works alone, if one is independant it's so important not only to dream but to act. Not to procrastinate IS important if one wants to accomplish something. I need more self-discipline. Hahahaha......

To keep going make things easier.

The correct counting in my Ashtanga practice is a pointer to get going. Too many breaks interrupt the flow. It's so much more difficult to stop and go, to stop and go, instead of being in the flow. When flowing the body becomes hot and soft and the mind has no time for redundant questions and jumping around to other topics. There is time for dreaming and thinking and worrying and being optimistic, too, but not when something shall be accomplished.

Oh, I know the theory.

So this yellow book is in front of me. I'll learn some new techniques and I'll be motivated for the new year.

Many bloggers look back. What has happened in 2011, they wonder.
I make it short. I had a lot of time for yoga, I had time for friends. I also worked on my projects (not enough). It was a good year. lol. It's as if I was sowing in 2011 and in 2012 I'll harvesting. I shall see, I'll let me surprise.

Also in the next year I want to practice Ashtanga yoga, I want to have time for friends and please I look to the ceiling, please, I look again to the ceiling, most good things shall come from above (not sure about this, lol), so please, shall my projects start flying. I want to do what is possible from my side. 

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