Friday, December 16, 2011

On the mat I forget my self-made issues.

When I'm on the yoga mat I forget what else I have to do, what else I have to buy. I'm focused. It counts my back bending, it counts how I balance, it counts how I bend forward, I listen to my breath, I feel the stretching discomfort, but this is it. What a relief. Issues disappear. They are all self-made.
To keep this coolness is it.

I'm sitting on my chair and I'm typing in my PC like a wild one.
What is done, what do I still have to do, is the question.
I ran around today.
1. I have a Christmas present for my mother. It's something for the ever-young skin how the salesperson presented the lotion the other day. I could smell that he has had some alcohol, it was 10am in the morning. I'm not a moral person.
2. I have a Christmas present for my father. It's something sweet for his tongue. It's a Sautern. He'll love it.
3. I found a book about hens for my brother and his wife. I wanted to see the hens by myself, hahaha. But they have indeed hens in the garden. They have so awesome hens. They eat their eggs. I hope they love the book, I'm sure they will. The pictures are fantastic. (sorry I respect the copyright). I've pictures of hens, too, see above. Seven little ones are under the feathers, please have a look at the feet. It's a hen from Kauai.

What I still need:
1. Something for E. I had an idea. In that wine shop the man offered me a Sautern from 2001. It costs 100,--. I asked my E if he'd liked it. Oh, he gave me an extra kiss. "Is it worth it", he asked me. Sometimes we ask ourselves: is it worth it. I.e. we see a nice tree while on the road in the car. "Look", I say or he says it, when he sees something nice. Shall we take a picture, we wonder. Is it worth it, we ask ourselves? (In 95% it's worth it.)
2. I need something for E's mother.
3. I need something for his brother. They both have always most wonderful presents for me. E must help me here.

4. I need to buy a substitute battery for my camera. This is what my parents like to give me.

5. This is not a present, but I need a new calender for 2012. I use filofax, I couldn't find the right one today. It's always time-consuming to look for such things.

6. Missed deadlines often means that one has more time for the same task. Tomorrow I have to write a letter. It will need some time for it. It's doable. Yes, it is.

Shall I please also manage it to practice yoga and to do some chores tomorrow. A few days are still left till Christmas. Inhaling, exhaling. All this hectic and in a few days I'll do nothing else but to hang around on sofas.


lilasvb said...

this year, every one is away for xmas, so i dont have to worry with presents it is nice... but different

Ursula said...

It's surely different, I can imagine. It's a yearly event, celebrated each year similar. And suddenly something else, this can indeed provoke some emotions.

I will try to stay relaxed depite the limited time and the crowded city.

Cordially greetings to you. Ursula