Thursday, December 08, 2011

"My practice aggravates."

Yep, when such a thought comes up, I know that I've a mental task on my mat.
It can be that my practice becomes worse, it can also be that this is not the case.

Perhaps I shall exercise to become more patient?

So, when such a thought comes up, I firstly identify it as a thought. A thought is always fiction. This alone helps me not to give it too much meaning.
If it's a helpful thought why not using it. To think that things get worse is not helpful. I substitute this thought and think instead: Simply doing the practice is it. However. And I keep going...........and focus on the breath again. Ah, the always available.

Primary was on my schedule. My vinyasas disappointed me, but as mentioned already, important is that I practiced. I think I've to practice the vinyasas in an extra sessions if I want to get better here and I want this.
I started with the CD by Sharath and switched it off after buja pidasana. The CD is always helpful.

Sun salutations B:

I put the flat hands next to my feet to measure how deep I want to stand. A few months ago I touched the floor with my finger tips. To stand deep and if it is for one breath only, builds strength. And strength is needed for the second series for the back bending asanas. I wanted to show the connections between the asanas, here it is. Working on strength is hard for me, I know I need strength, so I stand deep.

With an inhaling the arms move upwards. The danger is that one comes up with the legs, too. I see that this is also in my case so. Next time I take even more care of this. Pictures always tell the truth!
One can shift the weight a bit to the toes or to the verses.

I've two more topics re the sun salutations: the breathing and the hero poses.
Utkatasana is also a hero pose, there is one more. Here is the link to my utkatasana history. Haha, I stood very high in the past, but nowadays I want to come up from laghu vajrasana and also from the other back bending asanas. I need strong legs for this and I use every asana to get stronger.
In classes I see at once who wants to have some fun and who is working on this pose. (I don't judge!)

At 11am I had finished my practice. Starting point was after 9am. I'm happy about this as it shows me that I practiced asanas by asana, not so many breaks happened. 

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