Thursday, December 01, 2011

Je suis arrivée à Nice, France

I arrived. As soon as I travel with my bf, I simply follow him and I lose orientation. It's amazing how fast I lose my helplessness when I'm on my own. I even took the bus from the airport to the hotel and not a taxi. This required to speak French,  when I need it, it's available, too. It seems to be good enough. I get answers. People are helpful.

In the hotel room I still met E who soon had to leave me. He wanted me to take a taxi to get downtown for dinner because of the danger. I love to walk, but I took a taxi. It was another opportunity to speak French:
Me to the taxi driver: My bf said I should take a taxi because it's dangerous here, but I think it's simple too far to walk downtown.
The taxi driver: Yes, it's only dangerous for your feet.

The taxi driver recommended me a restaurant.
I was hungry and I didn't like to search.
I had to discuss what I wanted on the salad, another opportunity to speak French. The salad that I got was huge and what a surprise: under the leaves were a melon and avocado. I loved it and the glass of red wine, too. The dessert at the end was too much. Why did I order it? Also in France the portions became bigger. Not good. There is not the obligation to eat everything.
So, I worked on my salad and then I saw this leave: red stem, otherwise green. How beautiful, I thought.

Yep, on mange, on mange, on mange, everywhere on the world it seem as if nothing is more important than to eat.

After my delicious dinner I took a taxi back to the hotel. I felt tired.
Tomorrow I want to practice. It's Friday and primary day around the globe.
It's a day for myself. I want to stroll around afterwards. I need a pyjama or better, I think I need a pyjama. 

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