Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's still the morning....

It's 10:08am, I call it morning. I'll give him another 30 min of sleep as he went to bed late. Was it after midnight when he finally went to bed. Can be.

My mother has the geese already in the tube. Two big animals are stewing there.
We'll have vegetables. Yes, poor E. But I know better what is good for him and for me: carrots, red pepper, tofu. I got a salad yesterday from my mother with everything (except animal products of course). It's good not to compromise too much. The salad was fantastic.

If E will drive it's 2 hours, if I'll drive it's 3 hours till we'll be in Munich again.
I love my villa motley, indeed. It's tiny, but it's cosy and warm. I'm yearning for my luxury yoga mat, my mess, my bath tub, my own bed.

Time to wake up E.


Quentin said...

happy new year

Ursula said...

Happy new year, Quentin.