Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's still before lunch

I feel good after having slept very long. I cannot remember to have switched off my alarm clock which should have made me get out of the bed at 6am. When this happens I'm sure I needed that sleep.

The day yesterday was round. It started with a wonderful yoga practice in a Mysore class. I practice slowly these days. This makes a practice easier. But I also think that my breath became longer, which is good. A long breath is needed to come up from all the back bending asanas. To start the day with an excellent yoga practice is half of the rent for a good day. After yoga it's also lunch time already.
In the last year I focused on second series. Yes, I think the poses got all a bit better, but that's it. My fingers don't touch my toes yet when I practice kapotasana, I'm still not able to come up from urdhva dhanurasana. Mayurasana is somehow possible, also the headstands in the end are nice and handstands improved enormously. For me this is absolutely OK.
1.  Firstly for me it's more important to practice intensively and focused than being able to jump easily from one asana to the next.
2. Secondly I think that if it's difficult to perform an asana the mind is challenged.
- I have to work on the attitude that a pose is possible.
- Perseverance is needed.
- I work on a relaxed state of mind.
- Frustration is observed from time to time, but it has no influence on my behavior. It comes and goes.
3. My mind has the task to understand a pose precisely when I cannot perform it quickly. I've enough time to study it closely. Tiny steps finally lead to an improvement. My ability to learn improves that way.

After my yoga practice I picked up my E for lunch. He's on holidays already. We went to a tiny Italian restaurant round the corner. The owner of this tiny Italian restaurant has renovated the rooms. Sometimes one reaches the opposite of what one wishes. These green walls are ugly. The dark mirrors on the walls shall make the room larger, but it has the big disadvantage that one person always sees himself/herself  in an ugly shaded mirror. The mirrors are too dark to make the room look bigger. The bench on the wall is too high (and green, too), higher than the chairs. So one person sits now higher than the other, this is not good. In addition I fell forward. I changed the seat, but the owner wanted me to change it again as she feared that people who will enter the restaurant will push me. My back showed towards the entrance door, which is not a nice feeling. The chair was more comfortable. There is an open window to the kitchen now. The relationship to the people in the kitchen (one cook is the ex from the woman) is tense sometimes (like everywhere) and now all the guests here the cursing. "Shit", we could all hear her saying, why ever. This dirty green everywhere is so ugly and all the beautiful black and white pictures, presents from guests, are eliminated. Yeah, it's difficult to preview the results of our actions, it's impossible so to say.

In the evening I could cross out some items on my list.
- I bought the filofax sheets for my calender 2012
- I bought the accu for my camera, a present from my parents to me.
Redundant to mention that I've found another book for myself and also a pair of trousers for at home (needed that).

All my energy was evaporated when it was evening. I feel refreshed now, how good.

An email of one of my best friends arrived me yesterday. She wrote in capital letters. DEAR URSULA, I WON'T MANAGE IT TO COME TODAY. Every year we meet for a glow wine on one of the Christmas markets. Not this year. Stay cool, I wrote her back, let's meet next year. Times are hectic before Christmas.

Today the shopping spree continues. 
For me it's like a modern Koan: what to give to people who have everything, wish nothing, nevertheless they expect something (material).
It's again me who gets the most presents. I had wishes. Haha. Nevertheless, I think I'd be happy if this Christmas would be reduced to one good meal together with friends or family. It needn't to be Christmas eve, first Christmas day, second Christmas day. And all this hunting for presents is too much. But perhaps people need these days off to travel to their beloved ones. We too, we've to travel.
I will survive also this Christmas. I feel also a bit unthankful because everybody puts so much effort in this big big celebration and I don't appreciate it so much, because I want less less less.

The best Christmas presents that I found is the one for my brother and his wife: It's a book about hens, "crazy hens" it's called. I didn't now that there exists so different hens and they are so beautiful and crazy, too. I know now from where it comes if someone calls someone a crazy hen.
The feathers of these hens inspire me for outfits for the next year, hahahha.....

It's planned to practice. A sweaty practice makes every day better.

PS: I love daily life. 

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