Thursday, December 22, 2011

It has been a long way...... such a lovely practice like this morning (8 years of daily practice).
The joints felt as if they were just oiled. I felt strong. One asanas followed the next. Flow was experienced. Yep. It was a long way to that level. Nevertheless I'd say I've not yet left the basic challenges. It's close, perhaps 2 more years or one, and then I'll be able to jump forward AND backward without touching the floor with my feet. This is for me the moment where I think that the basic stuff is somehow understood. Learning never stops. 
After 10 years it will become easier a friend once told me. She is so right. 

At home I practice full vinyasas, a variation of how it's supposed to be. Grimmly draw my attention again to the book "Astanga yoga" by Lino Miele and Sri K. Patthabhi Jois. Here the first and second series is described with full vinyasas. I'll study it again a bit closer and next time I'll follow the instructions of the book. Also during the closing sequence one returns to samasthitih, again and again, i.e.. 

Prasarita padottanasana A through D are separated asanas. I even think that this makes sense. My experience is that for each asana the feet need to be in a different distance from each other. For the first asana they need to be closer together if I like to to keep the back straight. For C they need to be further away from each other when I want to take my hands down to the floor (not possible yet when I try it alone). 
Doing all the vinyasas will make the practice a bit longer, for sure. I want to try it. 

The picture is taken in Munich. 


Quentin said...

jump backs not touching a foot is challenge for me, too. finally able to lift off floor without touching feet between boat poses. thinking of using mini parallette bars for jump back/thru practice.

Ursula said...

The less props the better (my modest view), but it's OK to use what is necessary. I can swing the legs through my arms without touching the floor, but then one foot touches the floor. My next tiny goal is to stay there for a few breath without touching the floor. Then I think the next step comes and then the legs must fly backwards....:) Good luck for you,too.

Bridget Reno said...

I am somewhat new to the whole practice of yoga. I’m not that familiar with all the moves and positions that are mentioned in this blog, but I am learning more everyday. However, when I am at my house, I find it relaxing to enjoy the aroma of scented candles, while soaking in the bath after each yoga session. You should give it a try.