Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is that possible?

We woke up at 11am. We couldn't believe the alarm clock. "Look at your watch", E said. It showed the same. This is impossible. We went to bed late, but not too late.
It should obviously be so that we sleep so long. E's brother didn't get up earlier, too. This must have something to do with the north. Once I've heard that everybody sleeps longer in the north of Germany. Wow a good excuse for not finding the way out of bed.

We must walk, we must. The weather is too good. The sun is shining. There is a sea very close and I want to use the weather for some nice pictures.

PS: That way my back bending won't improve. Hahahaha.......


Doris said...

Sometimes a good night's sleep is worth more than yoga practice :-)

Ursula said...

...and I feel mercy with me, it's the end of the year....:)