Friday, December 02, 2011

Internet access and instant coffee

 What a surprise: I slept longer today, even till 7:30am. I thought my eyes deceived me this morning, but it was true. I couldn't nap yesterday. This bit of sleep that I had in the plane doesn't count. Then I had the red wine in the evening. I slept so good and deep. Jet lag is over.

We've to leave this hotel today at  2pm. It's still time enough to practice primary. I've my very very old and very very thin yoga mat here. My travel yoga mat disappeared. I don't know where it is, I couldn't find it at home. Was I glad yesterday that I haven't discarded everything. I have 4 yoga mats: a luxury one in the shala, a luxury one for my home practice, my very old thin one and the heavier one, but also thicker one for travelling. There is carpet in the room. This combination, thin yoga mat and soft carpet will challenge me, good that I'll practice primary. I have a wall available for handstands. Ha.

I love the atmosphere here.

I gave my bf a good morning kiss. Garlic. Haha, I'm in France.

Picture 1: my restaurant of yesterday.
Picture 2: the way home. 

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