Monday, December 26, 2011

I trust.....

At 10am I started my practice.
Today is Monday and Mondays are reserved for second series.
Not every practice is intensive, not every practice has highlights, but oh what was I happy that I practiced. It's good for me to move, I feel this. To sit on the sofa all day long and to interrupt this sofa time only to eat is exhausting for me. I need to move. Indeed my yoga practice became a need. It was not sure if I'd practice today. The beginning was difficult as it's much fresher here than at home or in the shala in Munich. I started and the freshness made me move. (It's only felt freshness. It's of course warm here.)

Every practice becomes easier when other parts of life support it: enough sleep, healthy food, optimistic attitude, daily practice help to perform these crazy asanas of Ashtanga yoga. Often we self-sabotage ourselves. Ashtanga yoga is a life-style and not only limited to a practice of 2 hours in the morning. But this develops with time. Practicing asanas has life-changing potential. We're not yet a yogi when we're able to spell the word. Or what I've read somewhere: there are practitioners of all levels.....:)
The photographers say: Do you still take snapshots, or do you already take pictures.
This might translate to the yogic life: Do you still practice "only" asanas or are you already a yogini? Also practicing asanas can be much more than forcing the body in a position. Combined with a deep breath and dristhi it can become meditative.

I'm relaxed and happy that I practiced after 3 days off.

Also tomorrow I'll have time for second series.
In the afternoon my round trip will continue. I'll travel to the north of Germany to see E and G and A......:) 

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