Saturday, December 17, 2011

I start hiding myself

This new Facebook timeline thing killed my time. 

Facebook introduced the new timeline format. From the 24th December on everybody will have it. I switched today to see what it is. And it drove me crazy. Suddenly all my likes were visible to everybody, not only which pages I like, but also which links I like, which is much more detailed. It's even allocated to the time when I clicked on the like button.

- This makes the first page of my Facebook account a mess.
- In addition I don't like to show publicly all these posts which I might have even "liked" as a matter of politeness or because I had a crazy day and I liked everything on that day.

One by one I made these likes of  links visible for friends only. It took hours, but I think it was necessary. I couldn't see how I could do this faster. Thinking about this timeline and getting furious about this disrespect to publish things that were private so far, I also started hiding my other likes (books that I've read, movies that I've seen, activities that I prefer).
Now too events are shown on that timeline: 
- First is that I was born.
- Second is when I joined Facebook. Hahahaha......Indeed relevant events.

It seems to me that the society divides into two main groups. Those who avoid and even fear the social media like the devil in person.
The second group doesn't care at all.

I still think that the first Facebook page gives a first impression of a person.
Do I really want that everybody (those who like me, those who don't, my stalkers, my former colleagues, my neighbors, all people around the globe no matter which age, religion or attitude, those who I've blocked (also this was necessary already) and and and) can find out within 5 minutes that I liked "I'm a star get me out of here?" in January 2010? My clear answer is: NO.
I've another imagination how I want to present myself  on a first encounter. I don't want to tell my entire life story or what Facebook thinks what it is, including whom I know, what I've read, which music I like, which movies I've seen, what activities I prefer within no time.
Shall people take their time to get to know me, if they want this. Yep.
I discover the art of hiding.
I discover the art of slow approaching each other.

Most people want quick satisfaction. More fun are those pleasures that come with a story, that need time to develop.
Example 1: To stop at a bakery to eat that cake might stop feeling this hunger hole in the stomach quickly. I prefer to go go to a market to buy fresh ingredients and to prepare a meal which tastes much better at the end.
Example 2: To walk up a mountain and to see the view after hours of sweating is much more satisfying than to take the lift and to be up the hill within 15 min. The view is the same, the feeling is different.
Example 3: What a joy is it when after 8 years of exercising and trying it, finally one can stand on the hands only in the middle of the room. Ahhhhh...........
I know further examples, shall this be enough.

Taking time for things and people is not popular. I want it now and at once is what seems so attractive. It isn't. Not always.

New things will always come. I regret that new features are often so inflexible.
We've changed in the last decades. Privacy means something different for the single person of today. Nevertheless it's still something that we shall respect.

My Facebook page shall be more private. It gives me room to express my feelings and things I don't want to share with everybody. Hahaha, poor friends.
On Google+ I'm connected with photographers and yoginis. There people share their work and passion, not so much the daily this and that.
Twitter became a simple marketing tool for me.

It's evening now and I curse. At least I know what killed my time.
I love these social media, but I also think one has to know how one wants to use them.

Signed by an extroverted person.
Being open doesn't mean that it's fun to walk naked on the road all the time. Brhhhhhhh, it's winter time.

Comments are very welcomed.
I love to hear how you find it. 


Anna said...

What a palava for you. I would never want to be on Facebook. I just don't understand the allure. Why are people so willing to offer up their personal privacy and identity to a corporation -- one who can own, collect and keep all that information permanently and who can basically do what it likes with it?

I just don't get it, but obviously millions of people around the world don't see it like that.

Aratea said...

I discovered your blog a while ago and I can sooo relate to the issues with the new FB layout!! They keep changing things without telling you and then you have to go through all the privacy settings all over again. It's driving me up the wall :(
Google+ is indeed the better option.

Keep up the good work, I love reading your blog :)

Ursula said...

....I'm convinced of the social media, because they help me to stay connected with friends around the globe.
I also made new friends.

Despite my critical post I love the social medias. It's all in the beginning. Of course there are developments.......

Ursula said...

....thank you both for reading and commenting.....:)