Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I pause...

I pause.
Have I accomplished anything so far, I wondered? I have.
1. We, my E and myself had breakfast outside.
2. I've already a Christmas present for my mother. She mentioned a wish. Of course I also found a parfume for myself (Zen by Shiseido)
3. I picked up a book on photography, that I had ordered.
4. Grocery shopping is done. My better-half wants to lose weight. "Do you think we can lose 1 kilo in the next 2 days?" he asked me this morning. He always speaks of "we" when he wants to lose weight, lol. Yes, we can. I've ingredients for a salad here. I could write only about weight and food. Every day. This is an on-going topic in the Western world as basic as it might be.

5. As I feel so busy these days I had lunch in a new restaurant round the corner. They offer dark beer. This will interest E. This Italian restaurant has the potential to become a favorite place.

6. My boots need to get repaired. They are in the make now and some summer shoes, too.

I got a question about my book? No stress please. It's not forgotten. It's construction in repair. I'll get back to it.

This all sounds as if it's not much, but it is, with all the commuting.

In addition I wrote my journal like every day. I read 2 chapters in the book "Confessions of a public speaker" by Scott Berkun which is entertaining and uplifting.
A letter is written and sent.

I can't help, so is my life. It's fun, I love it, but sometimes I've the feeling time is running through my fingers. I care less when I was busy. What shall happen, will happen.

What comes next:
I'll clean the floors and I'll iron.

My practice had to wait today: I'm much more relaxed now with all the things done already. My trips lately reminded me to stay flexible. On the road one has to be flexible. When at home one can create very strict routines. Routines help in general to accomplish things. If they are too strict they can become stressful, too. As long as I practice 3 times a week my world shall be OK.
It's not night yet and I feel like practicing. 

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