Monday, December 05, 2011

I could pretend....

I don't like the 7 headstands at the end of the second series. Skip them, I thought today during the Mysore class. Nobody would realize it (I'm not sure about this as M is very attentive). I can pretend that I've forgotten them, I continued thinking. but I'd betray myself. I see the hidden message behind the rule that nothing shall be omitted. Also life shall be lived fullest.
Greed, happiness, boredom, excitement, joy, failure, success, all is part of life. To deal with the different situations, liked or not liked is the art of life. Facing and handling the different asanas, I mean life situation allows us to learn and finally it makes us experienced.

And so I practiced mukta hasta sirsasana A, mukta hasta sirsasana B, mukta hasta sirsasana C and baddha hasta sirsasana A, baddha hasta sirsasana B, baddha hasta sirsasana C and baddha hasta sirsasana D. It was doable, less worse than I thought it would be.

I don't want to omit anything, neither on the mat nor in life. Likes or unlikes are of second priority. To experience oneself in different situation is what makes life exciting.

Time to eliminate the mess here. This is part of the game, too........

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