Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy with the happenings?

Bad question. Hahaha.....

In 2 hours we'll drive in the direction to Munich. 2 hours are available for sun salutations, showering and packing.

We have already  invitations. The 31rd we'll go to a neighbor. She has invited some people, outgoing people, people who are interested in physics and esoteric. Hahaha, this is a good tension. I love it when my bf meets people who know what Maxwellsche equitation is. This will please him. R will buy Krapfen from the best bakery downtown. We'll bring Champagne and midnight is organised. The Krapfen will be our dessert.

And the next day she'll prepare an Indian dinner. This is also very good.

When I'll have the courage I'll ask if they like me to take pictures. I need models in the new year.

So time for some sun salutations. I so feel like moving. My body and my soul wither when I don't move and breath. 

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