Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goals for 2012

Btw, my last post was the 5,555th one. :) 

My goals for 2012:
1. To maintain a daily Ashtanga yoga practice, 3 times minimum and 6 times maximum seems realistic for me. I'll practice twice primary and 4 times second series.
2. I cannot imagine that it's realistic to add extra sessions to work on the asanas and vinyasas that need extra attention. What seems doable is to repeat asanas during my home practices.
- Repetitions from 3 through 5 times is not too much.
- To hold the asanas for 8 breaths is another method I can apply.
- Pre-exercises are helpful, too.

Re primary it's the vinyasas and upavistha konasana, supta parsvasahita and to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana that needs attention.
Re second series it's kapotasana, pincha mayurasana, karandavasana and the tick tocks that I want to intensify.
3. I want to film the asanas, all of them, and I want to take fresh pictures of the asanas. It's one of the best learning tools I know.
4. How often and when do I like to exercise pranayama and meditation? I'll reflect on it.
5. Visualization shall accompany my practices. It seems to make more sense to visualize asanas or vinyasas than to add another session of practice. It's an exercise for the mind, shall I not neglect the mind, haha.
6. 45 kg. Nothing supports a practice more than this: 47kg pashasana is possible, 46kg all the leg behind head poses become easier if not easy and 45kg made me always experience deep deep back bending asanas. Being consequent with a vegan diet is the secret here.

What else........
It could be fun to go to other studios who offer classes, just to see what's going on in the Munich Ashtanga community. My experience is that one gets often more feed-back in classes than in workshops. Other yoga styles don't interest me anymore. All the music is only a distraction from what is important: to feel oneself and to listen to the breath.

This is a draft. I wrote down what came into my mind. I'll surely rethink it.

It seems as if I work on things.
But finally it's more to be ready and to be open and transparent for what shall happen!!! 

(I love to plan, hahaha. It's a favourite occupation of my mind.)


Claudia said...

Aha! so my suspicious is right, I do need to release a few kilos to do the leg behind the head, so grateful you wrote and shared that!!!

Ursula said...

It's my experience.
Slowly I feel reluctance to write about the weight. But I see that it's one of the important points that counts. It is so.

Anonymous said...

I am very anxious for the new year so I can start using your beautiful yoga calendar! I may write some goals on the calendar, which calendar will have a prominant spot in my yoga room..
Merry Holidays full of light & love to you, dear U..


Ursula said...

Thank you so much Debb that you bought a calendar. I sold 2 and I'll buy one, too.
I blame you now and the other person that I'll create another one in 2013 as I see a demand, hahaha.
Yeah in 2010 I already wanted to have one for selling, in 2011 I had it done and in 2012 I want to double the sells. Indeed steps forward.....:)

I also wish you happy happy days with your family. Shall we relax and start fully recovered the new year.....:)

Jennifer said...

my goal is to get back INTO yoga. I miss it so much, now that things have calmed down over the past 6 months, I will be able to ground myself again in yoga. I enjoy reading your blog so much.


Ursula said...

I wish you a fresh start, Jennifer.
Start slowly is my tip I can give you, but on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading. :)

And stay cool....:)