Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifted bodies - the Christmas party

During the show nobody was allowed to take pictures. So I could focus 100% to watch it.

Wow. The dance group came from Australia. The music, the dance, the acrobatic pleased me a lot. The golden 20s were simulated. The show was body art with a tiny bit of S/M touch. Or how shall I interpret it when a woman is dancing in high heels on the body of a man in underwear. Shoes played an important role, mainly those which are not really made for walking.
A striptease of a man was also part of the show. Yep, we saw a most awesome male body.
One man was performing his show blindly on a rope at the peak of the tent, sort of pole dancing perhaps.
There was nothing that did not please me. Indeed I saw an exciting performance yesterday.
It was one of the best Christmas parties for a long time.

Yeah, yeah, we had good seats, too.
Headstands, side and forward splits seemed to be so easy for the one woman. It's a piece of cake I thought, look. I know that I'll change my opinion as soon as I'll be on the mat trying the headstands by myself.

Primary today. 

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