Saturday, December 03, 2011

Getting comfortable

That's the view out of the window that  I enjoyed this morning. Ah, I'm in France, I thought. It's so warm here that E is sitting on the terrace. For me it's a bit too fresh.

After this hour of driving under worst conditions (dark, heavy rain, lot of traffic) we felt exhausted yesterday night. One hour too early we arrived at the restaurant a few steps away from the hotel. We walked back to the hotel and waited. Then we went again. Indeed our mood was much much better after dinner. We felt refreshed, the trip from Nice to Valbonne was forgotten.

On the menu were only meals with meat or fish. I love to discuss what I could get. This is what they whipped up. Ah, and the broccoli, exactly what a woman at my age needs, a lot of iron. :)  And this all with a good red wine, sitting close to a open fire place among French people. I loved it.  

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