Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Forward bending... modesty.

Focusing on the moment is relaxing.

It's dark already here.

Winter time. People run around and push to find Christmas presents.

At every corner is Christmas market.

Today it even rained.
My yellow umbrella with the sentence "I love rain" on it cheered me up.

I wanted to write about the sun salutation A and the vinyasa. Downward facing dog is the pose, the rest is vinyasa. The vinyasas are the moving part and not the not-moving part. A movie would be good, but I had no time.
One can say that the middle part of primary exists of sun salutations with different asanas when doing full vinyasa (returning to samasthitih and starting from here).

The sun salutation has 4 different kind of asanas, that are not held, but performed:
- it's forward bending combined (1) with an inversion (2) (see picture, it's uttanasana A)
- it's upward facing dog (3), which serves more or less as a counterpose to all the forward bending asanas
- it's balancing (4)

All these different kind of asanas can be exercised already when doing sun salutations correctly, it can be challenging.

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