Saturday, December 10, 2011

First comes the imagination

The very first step of anything is often to think: Yes it's possible. 
This is a mental exercise. It's easy to say it, but to be convinced goes deeper. In the meantime I'm able to do a lot of asanas of which I was convinced I would never be able to do. This helps me to trust that other asanas that seem to be impossible are doable, too. Karandavasana is such a pose of the second series, that is indeed challenging.
The second step is to imagine the pose and how I perform it, it's also a mental exercise. The entire pose might be too  much. Each pose can be broken down to little steps, even in tiniest steps. 

M showed me the next exercise that I can try to approach karandavasana. 
I take my legs folded in padmasana on my arms. 

I imagine to come up. I also engage all my muscles that I think could support this adventure: arms, bandhas, pectoral muscles. To imagine to come up might be already too much. The next tiniest step might be to imagine how the legs lift up one inch.....hahahaha, this is challenging enough. Indeed nothing moves upwards so far when I do this pose alone.

I wrote about sun salutations in my last posts. Here I am again. Especially in second series strong arms are needed. This is why I lower slowly into chaturanga dandasana. And I go slowly into upward facing dog. This all builds strength, the arm muscles become stronger. 
Karandavasana needs years of practice to master it. One can start with the sun salutations to learn it. 

A tip for the yogini with no time:
A few days back the shaving lotion of E was empty. Of course I had a substitute. I had to substitute the substitute then. In the following days my mind remembered me minimum 5 times to buy it. This is a waste of time. The mind can do better things. If I want to exercise my memory I can learn the sanskrit names of the asanas or vocabulary.
So the tip is to write down in the calender what one needs to buy. I've therefore a register "to buy" in my calender that is always in my handbag. My mind is free for more important things, I don't have to remember anymore, I can look up what I need.
In that "to buy" list I gather things I need or want, so I don't have to go shopping for each single item. On my way home from yoga I can stop at the shops.
This saves a lot of time. Not only once I had to go shopping twice or three times a day because I've forgotten things.
This little activity, to write things down at once can have a huge effect.

My Ashtanga practice is time consuming, I have to be effective and well-organised in the rest of my life. 


DeborahS said...

That's a good tip about the shopping list on the calendar, I shall do that. Also it's a good reminder to move through the vinyasa slowly. I am careful to pause in chauturanga, building strength, waiting for the inhale to begin, but I probably move in and out of it too quickly.
Good luck in Karandavasana! I actually have a children's song called "Be like a duck." Fly that duck Ursula!

Ursula said...

Thank you.

Yeah, to build strenght whenever possible is good, one needs a lot for the practice and asanas to come.

Yep might the duck fly soon...:)